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New Jersey Early Years Funders Collaborative: Quality, Affordable Child Care

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 -
4:00pm to 6:00pm EDT
The New Jersey Historical Society, 52 Park Place, Newark, NJ 07102
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Please join the New Jersey's Early Years Funders Collaborative for a discussion and presentation from Louise Stoney, a nationally recognized early child care and education finance and policy expert. In her presentation, Louise will explore possible funding options to increase the supply of quality, affordable child care for infants and toddlers. Funding for New Jersey’s child care system is at a near crisis because of the high cost of caring for children. Access and quality is often out of reach for many families but particularly for those who are low-income or who have infants and toddlers.  As such, it is essential for public and private funders, in coordination with other key stakeholders to work collaboratively towards a reformed financing structure for high-quality early child care and education. This is the perfect opportunity for the New Jersey’s Early Years Funders Collaborative to start an active discussion and possibly gain insight about funding opportunities in New Jersey.

This event is free for CNJG Members and Non Member Grantmakers.

Refreshments will be served.