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Innovations in Scalable Nonprofit Capacity Building with a Statewide Approach

Friday, September 14, 2018 -
1:00pm to 3:30pm EDT
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 50 College Road East, Princeton, NJ
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How can foundations address the targeted capacity building needs of nonprofits, at scale, throughout New Jersey? Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, in partnership with Catchafire, is mobilizing resources and acting as catalysts for change to build strong, healthy communities, foster civic leadership, and promote philanthropy. Come learn more about their innovative approach to supporting nonprofit sustainability statewide as well as how other foundations can participate and together create a vision of greater equity across the region. We’ll hear from: the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on their involvement and commitment to this project; the Catchafire team and how they are building the capacity of nonprofits statewide; and a few nonprofits how they have harnessed this opportunity. We’ll close with a funders-only discussion to review this opportunity and how foundations, can all take advantage of this timely opportunity. No matter your funding area, you will find this platform useful for your grantees, nonprofits that ou could not fund, and even possibly your own organization.

Sallie George, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Katherine Brady, COO, Catchafire
Deb Berman, VP of Strategic Partnerships, Catchafire

Cost: Free for CNJG Members/$35 for Non Member Grantmakers
This program is open to grantmakers only.

CNJG thanks the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for hosting this meeting.

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