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Improving Grantmaking with Data

Improving Grantmaking with Data

Wednesday, July 8, 2015 -
1:30pm to 3:30pm EDT
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Princeton
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Learning about the Philly Data Project and the Foundation Center’s Taxonomy Project

There are many commonalities in the grant management process among foundations and grantmakers. In this session, we will look at some best practices and look for methods to streamline the grant application and grant reporting process for both funders and non-profits.

The Foundation Center, in order to better meet the needs of the philanthropic sector, began an extensive revision of their Philanthropy Classification System (PCS) in 2012, reexamining both the terms included in the taxonomy and the overall structure. The goal was not to create yet another standard, but to work towards creating a more broadly adopted standard that more accurately reflects the work of the field and can serve as a more relevant tool for a 21st Century global philanthropy community. The Center consulted partner organizations, received feedback from the sector to complete the final revisions, and released the first version of the PCS in December 2014.

Meredith Huffman and Jennifer Pedroni, with the assistance of Foundant Technologies, performed a review and analysis of commonalities in the grant management process and reporting among funders in the Philadelphia area.  They will share their findings at this meeting.


Meredith Huffman, Executive Director of the Genuardi Family Foundation, Blue Bell, PA, a private foundation in the Greater Philadelphia area whose $1.25 million in annual grantmaking furthers the foundation’s core values of family, community and hard work.

Jennifer Pedroni, CPA, Vice President of Administration, North Penn Community Health Foundation. This foundation was created in 2002 from the sale of the North Penn Hospital to Universal Health Services. Jennifer serves on the membership committee of Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia (CNJG’s sister organization), and she is an active board member and past Treasurer of the Grant Managers Network, a national membership association of more than 2800 philanthropy professionals.

Jeannine Corey, Director of Grants Information Management, Foundation Center on Taxonomy project

Cost: Free for CNJG Members/$35 for Non Member Grantmakers

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