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Grantmakers Briefing with the Kresge Foundation

Grantmakers Briefing with the Kresge Foundation

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 -
2:00pm to 4:00pm EDT
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New Jersey grantmakers who serve seniors and aging communities are invited to attend a special briefing with officials from the Kresge Foundation.

Kresge invested $1.5 million to fight lead poisoning in Newark communities. Now, Kresge will be re-investing an additional $500,000 for the “Advancing Safe Healthy Homes Initiative,” known locally as the Healthy Homes Program (HHP). Seniors, those aging in place, and grandparents who are guardians of young children have a lot to gain from ASHHI. The City of Newark is strengthening how it educates the public about healthy homes and improving systems for working with property owners to ensure healthy environments for tenants.

Special Guests:
David Fukuzawa, Program Director, Health, Kresge Foundation
Pamela Paul-Shaheen, Ph.D., Director, Kresge’s Advancing Safe, Healthy Homes Initiative (ASHHI)
L’Tanya Williamson, Director, Department of Child and Family Well-Being, City of Newark

The Healthy Homes initiative embraces a broad array of policy, advocacy, and code enforcement practices. The impacts are huge, including:
• Reducing children’s school absenteeism due to asthma triggers that are present in the home
• Fire safety and prevention, e.g. through provision of CO and smoke detectors for families and seniors
• Increased financial/environmental health for families & seniors, e.g. through energy efficient weatherization
• Landlord and tenant education about legal standards for a “safe, healthy home”
• Strengthening the creation of walkable communities

This convening is jointly hosted by the City of Newark’s Department of Child and Family Well-Being and Living Cities’ Strong, Healthy Communities Initiative. The Council of New Jersey Grantmakers extends special thanks to PSEG for hosting this convening.

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