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Family Philanthropy Webinar: Advocacy Guidance for Nonprofits and Foundations

Thursday, October 11, 2018 -
12:00pm to 1:30pm EDT
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Influencing public policy is one way to increase your organization’s impact for changing people’s lives. Join speakers from Alliance for Justice and RESULTS Educational Fund for insightful information on how you can develop a strong advocacy plan. Learn the importance of advocacy work and how to legally use your funding and your voice to shine light on critical issues.  Learn valuable methods for boosting advocacy and encouraging important dialogue (e.g., writing letters to congress, organizing vigils, inviting congress members to forums and more.)  Hear from a fellow donor experienced in using advocacy to advance the cause of his work. Presenters coming soon! 

This event is a CNJG membership benefit for family foundation members, including staff and trustees, in partnership with the National Center for Family Philanthropy.

Registration Information
This event is free for CNJG Members.

Registration for this event is now directly through NCFP.  CNJG members who have a NCFP password should register directly on NCFP's website using the registration link above. Detailed instructions for registering on their site may be found on our website tutorial page.

CNJG members who need to obtain a NCFP password should contact Craig Weinrich at (609) 341-2022 ext. 4215.

The original webinar topic for this date, Pride of Place: Family Giving Commitment Over Time with NCFP President Virginia Esposito and leading place-based family foundations discussing findings and themes from NCFP’s “Pride of Place” research project is being rescheduled for early 2019.

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