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Cybersecurity During COVID-19 Series: Intro to Cybersecurity: Risk Assessment for Foundations

Cybersecurity During COVID-19 Series: Intro to Cybersecurity: Risk Assessment for Foundations

Wednesday, September 16, 2020 -
11:00am to 12:00pm EDT
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Join us for a 3-part series on how to assess, identify, and mitigate vulnerabilities arising from so many people being forced to work remotely at a time when cybercrime is on the rise.

You’ll hear about the most effective tools and strategies to keep your work safe at home, train staff to recognize and report threats, and support nonprofit partners’ cybersecurity.

Cyber criminals are taking full advantage of the opportunity to attack under-protected organizations when they are most vulnerable. The FBI reports an average of 3,000 - 4,000 cybercrimes per day since the start of the pandemic -- an astonishing increase from the average of 1,000, pre-COVID-19.

Experts at foundations and service organizations specializing in nonprofit cybersecurity and IT management will share information to help you store and protect sensitive data, hold secure virtual meetings, and prevent malicious cyberattacks.

Our first session, Intro to Cybersecurity: Risk Assessment for Foundations will feature speakers Dan Callahan, VP Sales and Marketing at CGNET and Calvin Lewis, Director, IT Infrastructure and Operations at the Cleveland Foundation. The topics will include why cybersecurity is essential for your foundation, the increased threats facing people working from home during COVID-19, and how to conduct a risk assessment and identify the greatest and most common threats to your organization. Speakers will suggest important tools to start you on your cybersecurity journey, and take time to answer your most pressing questions.

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