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Camden Funders Affinity Group: Moving Forward on Equity Part II: A Virtual Discussion

Camden Funders Affinity Group: Moving Forward on Equity Part II: A Virtual Discussion

Monday, October 19, 2020 -
4:00pm to 5:00pm EDT
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Join the Camden Funders Affinity Group for a virtual conversation on equity in grantmaking – how we define it, set goals, and embed it in our organization’s culture, policy, and practice.

On September 25, Camden Funders heard from the Scattergood Foundation about their equity work- from initial conversations with staff to developing a comprehensive strategy for more equitable grantmaking and evaluation. After the presentation, Camden funders asked questions and discussed their own equity journeys. This virtual web meeting will be a continuation of the discussion, where Camden funders can pose their biggest questions to this group of peers, and share solutions.

Questions posed during the last discussion, that may be discussed during this session include:

  • What does it mean for us to “work” in Camden (or rather, to affect change in Camden), when it’s not where we live or even necessarily work?
  • When should we seek support from an outside consultant to progress on our equity journey?
  • Is it important to intentionally fund minority-lead nonprofits? Is that as important as trying to assess the impact organizations have on their communities?
  • In trying to change organizational culture around equity in grantmaking, how did your organization get buy-in from the board, executive leadership, staff, and others? Any tips on the needed balance of each to move the work forward?
  • How do we do evaluation and assessment with an equity lens? What information are we actually going to use?

Regardless of whether you attended the first session, we hope you will join us to continue this important discussion on how to navigate tough conversations, break through barriers, and make progress on your organization’s equity journey.

Cost: Free for CNJG Grantmakers. $50 for Non Member Grantmakers