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2013 Annual Meeting
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CNJG's 2013 President's Report

The Council recently published the 2013 President's Report. The Report proudly highlights CNJG's work, programming and accomplishments on behalf of members in 2013. This “look back” is truly a celebration of our members and the valuable work of New Jersey's grantmakers. Get a copy here.

A New Resource on The Affordable Care Act in New Jersey

NJ Spotlight, New Jersey’s premiere public policy news site, announces a new website focused exclusively on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in New Jersey.

Funded with generous grants from The Nicholson Foundation and The Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey, the new site is a one-stop shop for healthcare consumers, providers and policy works. Features of the site include:

  • In-depth, policy-centered and original journalism that keeps watch on the ongoing New Jersey-specific challenges and consequences — intended or otherwise — of the landmark federal legislation;
  • Online forums, to be tended by experts in the field, where the public and healthcare professionals can raise issues and questions and compare experiences;
  • Explainers on key concepts of the law, both from NJ Spotlight and the best from around the Internet;
  • Interactive data maps, web-based tools and videos that highlight critical issues and help the public make their own choices;
  • A curated list of resources for better understanding the ACA and the enrollment process;
  • White papers with the most recent research on the ACA;
  • News briefs and calendar events related to the ACA.

CNJG’s Newark Liaison Featured in National Magazine

In the December issue of Governing magazine, a national trade publication, a featured article “But what did Cory Booker actually accomplish in Newark?” cites the Council of New Jersey Grantmakers and Jeremy Johnson, the Newark Philanthropic Liaison, in connection with the public-private partnership to establish the Newark Office of Reentry. Among the highlights, the article reports ‘Booker’s strategy for seeking help took many forms. It wasn’t just about selling the city to businesses. It also meant leveraging financial support from the philanthropic sector. To do so, the city hired a philanthropy liaison, Jeremy Johnson, whose position is paid for by an outside funder, the Council of New Jersey Grantmakers. Newark is one of the only places in the country to designate someone on staff with the explicit role of engaging foundations for the funding of public projects. “You really need the leader of your city to believe that philanthropy can help and can work in tandem with government,” Johnson says.’ Newark Funders continue to be committed these goals, meeting with Newark mayoral candidates in December to discuss their ongoing efforts and the role of the Newark Philanthropic Liaison. Read the full article here.

Responding Post-Sandy: Philanthropic Relief & Recovery

Beginning immediately after Superstorm Sandy struck New Jersey, The Council of New Jersey Grantmakers has been working intensively to share information, resources, best practice strategies, and news relating to New Jersey’s relief and recovery efforts.

Please visit CNJG’s Post-Sandy Response section for a wealth of information relating to NJ’s Relief and Recovery effort along with NJ’s philanthropic response, best practice guides, nonprofits on the ground, latest news articles and announcements, and the audio recordings from Series I & II of the Post Sandy Funder Briefing Calls.

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